The Tiny Homes are a comin'

Gramercy Newsletter

September 2018

Summer is winding down like dying embers on a campfire. Still hot, but you can feel change in the air. There are footballs in the air and the smell of #2 pencils grinding through sharpeners burning wood and lead to a sharp point.

And, we have six new tiny homes ready for new residents soon. The opening of our 3rd addition will create a little more elbow room, more room to walk or jog, and a new swing and hammock on the south end of Gramercy. So, in a few weeks as the leaves begin to turn, take a stroll by the tiny homes and around the pond and check it out.

For you bikers, don’t forget about the Peloton fitness bike in the 2019 clubhouse gym.

Give it a try sometime.

We also have two mountain bikes located in the clubhouse gym for tenants who are 18 or older or 14 and over if accompanied by a parent. Please notice the property rules posted in the clubhouse, for use of the gym and the mountain bikes.  Please wear the helmets, either one provided or one of your own. Your safety is our main concern.

Please remember to keep your dog on a leash when out and about in the neighborhood. And, be considerate of the grounds and others by picking up the dog waste.

Thanks for helping make Gramercy a great place to live!

Lea & Brent