FAQ           frequently asked questions

What is Gramercy?  

Well, it's a new residential concept for Bartlesville, offering a fresh living style for those wanting to own or rent, yet still retain the freedom that comes with a managed community. Two on-site fitness gyms, dry saunas, a dipping pool, community gardens, fire pits, hammocks, bikes, and other common shared features set our community apart. 

What type of living units are available?

Phase I, Gramercy Lofts, offers city style vertical living in 2 and 3 story town home style residences, patterned after town homes common in New York City 150 years ago. Our adaptation is blended from brick, stone, and stucco, while each unit retains a unique look from address to address. Phase II is comprised of 1 story and 1-1/2 story bungalows and cottages. Phase III is scheduled for completion in 2018 and will be comprised of more bungalows and cottages along with a cluster of tiny homes.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed in leases on a case by case basis, generally for a nonrefundable fee of $500 per pet. Pets are not allowed to stay outside and must be leashed when walked and dog waste must be picked up as dogs are walked on the community grounds and park. 

Is smoking allowed inside living spaces?

No, but smoking is allowed outside and in common spaces like covered porches and decks. 

Why all the New York names?

One of the earliest attempts at city planning and managed community living is still in existence in New York City, Gramercy Park, which derives it's name from the Dutch words Krom Moerasje which means "little crooked swamp." Our concept borrows this idea, the idea of a neighborhood belonging to the owners and being a unique, respected, and well-maintained place to live. Phase I units are all named for places in and around Manhattan...Soho Flat, Brooklyn Flat, Brooklyn Loft, Hudson Square, Central Park, Gramercy Loft, Greenwich Village, and Union Square.